About Us

Indi Kool is meant to be your single-stop approach for all of your women’s fashion-related needs and desires. We are saying desires because we offer impeccable services even when it involves custom designs for your catered tastes and singular events which may hold a lifetime of moments for you. We have nurtured our work from purely artistic points of view. This naturally brings a great sense of dedication while working towards our projects. We showcase attires and pieces from all over the globe. Since our establishment, we have been blessed with tons of appreciating gestures by our customers; being an addition to our motivation and drive to be the best daily. We take easily mandate bulk as well as singular orders that you need, we come equipped properly to meet your demands. This rooted in our years of understanding as we served a wider demographic annually. While serving people of all classes and citizenship, we stay put to the ground as well. We are connected with many local artisans and craftsmen who rely on Indi Kool to deliver their vision. These artists come from a wide knowledge of the art and also come from an ancestral background that gives them an edge over others. Natural talents make our services fully available throughout the year. We hold expertise in mastering machinery as well as hand-made products. Apart from being contentful, we also stay aware. We have a strict policy that states and ensure zero damage to the environment as well as prohibits the exploitation of child labor policies.